4V Design straps are made in Italy with Tuscany Vegetable Tanned “Cuoio”, the best leather available, certified by the dedicated Tuscany Association.
CUOIO is a strong and thick material, exceptionally durable, that maintains its natural characteristics. With the passage of time and with the usage it becomes softer and more beautiful. The production process follows an ancient receipt handed over by centuries that uses no chemicals, just natural and vegetable products. This process makes our “cuoio” anti-allergenic and gift it with its inimitable and fascinating warm scent. CUOIO is practically eternal. It requires to be oiled with specific products from time to time to maintain its characteristics and to refurbish the surface from scratches.


Other straps available in the market are all very similar by design, quality and materials. Most straps are manufactured in low cost countries. Straps manufactured in western countries use a simplified design and construction. The high-quality, old-school leather goods are sadly disappearing due to profit and mass-production logic.
At 4V Design we are proud of helping to preserve such precious tradition that still live in our exclusive leather strap collections.
For example, the Lusso straps still use the double-layer “cuoio” construction, that connects to the buckle by means of a typical Italian “old School” inlay. Three “cuoio” layers are masterfully thinned down at the edges and connected together by a single stitching that goes all the way the full length of the strap. Just amazing.


4V Design straps are beautifully detailed as for the best Italian “cuoio” Masters tradition. Thanks to a unique rooted-in-the-past technique, all edges are carefully hand-painted and beautifully finished for superior quality touch. This is a very time-consuming technique that requires an exceptional high precision cutting, stitching and painting.
At 4V Design we are so confident in our quality that we proudly signs some of our straps with the contrast stitching in cyan, our bright corporate color.
This despite the fact a contrast stitching is extremely difficult to manage in production: it can easily highlight inaccuracies and defects.
The reward for all this the awareness of wearing around the neck of piece of art.


A slippery camera strap is both annoying and dangerous. Many materials and solutions have been experimented over time but none has ever been satisfactory, until now. 4V Ultra-Grip is the ultimate solution that combines an exceptional grip with comfort, beauty, lightweight and long lasting performance.
The “Ultra-Grip Technology” comes from the development of Racing Riders Leather Suits. It guarantees an exceptional no-slip support under any condition and on any material. It offers other unique advantages: Comfort, Hygiene, Durability.
The Ultra-Grip Surface is water-proof and washable, doesn’t absorb sweat and cannot be colonized by microbes and bacteria. The race-proven construction makes it indestructible and peeling-proof.


4V Design straps feature a custom connection band based on our exclusive design. This 10 mm band is soft, comfortable, exceptionally strong and durable like no others.
It is made of 100% polyamide and derives from military application bands. Its special design allows for a very high resistance to tear, wear and cut. The herringbone design makes much stronger stitched connections and the camera weight is distributed over a higher number of treads for increased durability.
The band end is uniquely “folded & stitched”. This solution makes 4V straps much safer by preventing the band slipping out of the buckle accidentally. The sleek metal buckle is very compact, with rounded edges and easy to grab thanks to the ergonomic design.


4V Design straps come with two different camera connection options:
• the classic metal split ring attachment with anti-scratch protective leather pads.
• the popular Universal 10mm wide band attachment.
The straps featuring the Universal 10mm band attachment come with a “Fit Kit” that includes different optional attachments accordingly to the strap size.
Large straps come with optional split rings and leather protectors. Medium straps include split ring with leather protectors and a 10mm band quick release optional attachment. Slim straps come with all three optional attachments: split ring with protector, quick release 10mm band and a quick release attachment with chord, ideal for compact cameras.


Comfort comes first in all 4V Design straps. Our superior comfort comes from the unique combination of four elements:
• the ergonomic shape
• the high performance foam used for the padding
• the unique rounded profile padding
• the innovative materials used for the inner lining.
Ergonomics is one of our key specialties thanks to our long experience in designing motorbike clothing and protective gear. The pre-curved ALA straps and the unique design of the ERGO are a first in the photo accessory industry.
Every 4V strap is designed not only to be gentle and soft on your wrist or neck skin, but also to provide a perfect fit when carried over the shoulder and across your chest.


One of the key features of 4V Design straps is the soft padding. For each strap we invest an unbelievable amount of time in testing different materials and design until we achieve the most confortable solution. 4V padding is made of high performance foam used for outdoor and sport footwear and garments. It guarantees a long lasting and consistent performance over time.
Foam density and thickness is accurately selected for each strap model and size in order to ensure the best comfort accordingly to the class of camera to be carried. An other unique distinguishing element of our padding is the thick and rounded profile.
With such a design the padding acts as a spacer and prevents the pad edges from cutting into the neck or wrist skin.


At 4V Design we love to innovate and to develop hi-performance and surprising materials. Among all 4V Design innovations we are very proud of our unique Carbon-Look Leather.
It is made of genuine cow leather with an exclusive surface treatment.
Despite other carbon-look materials in the market, the beauty of 4V Carbon-Look Leather is that not only perfectly matches the Matt Look, but also the typical Touch & Feel of the real carbon fiber.
The result is a surprising tactile experience combined to great looking luxury camera straps.
The distinctive look of the 4V Carbon Leather is absolutely inimitable. A perfect match to both Stylish and Sport outfit.


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