The VERSIS DUO is a unique and versatile solution to carry one or two cameras, an extra spare lens or carry pouch. The VERSIS DUO is a kit that includes a VERSIS SL sling strap and a VS-BETA accessory, a spare strap that can be connected to the VERSIS SL by means of two carabiner hooks. The VS-BETA strap can be attached and detached very simply and quickly, making the VERSIS DUO an extremely fast and practical system.

The VS-BETA is adjustable and includes the 4V GIRO camera attachment and safety hook. VERSIS DUO is a very stable and comfortable thanks to the rich memory-foam padding and the exclusive 4V High-Grip Technology. It is part of the 4V VERSIS SYSTEM that introduces an innovative Patent Pending concept, exclusive to 4V Design: the system is completely modular and it can be assembled and disassembled into various configurations to carry one, two or three cameras. The VERSIS SL sling strap is the core of the VERSIS SYSTEM. When combined to the VS optional accessories, it evolves into different configurations. The VERSIS DUO can be obtained in two ways. It can be purchased as a full combo set, and in this case all components are already included in one box. Or it can be created by purchasing the VERSIS SL strap and the VS-BETA strap separately. The VERSIS DUO can be divided into two separate straps at any time. This makes it an incredibly versatile solution that evolves and adapts to your shooting needs, with clear advantages in terms of weight, space and cost savings. This professional strap is dedicated to Advanced Mirrorless, professional DSLR’s and Medium Format Cameras. The 4V unique Giro attachment and 4V Safety Hook provide a strong and safe connection to your camera. The Versis is made in Italy with the unique Carbon Fiber look leather and Tuscany leather details. This High-Tech leather is ideal for outdoor use. The matt finishing and black metal accessories make the VERSIS DUO a perfect non-reflective strap for professional photography.

• Professional Large Double camera strap
• Includes one VERSIS SL sling strap and one VS-BETA strap
• Can be quickly configured as a single and double strap for maximum versatility
• Can evolve into different configurations thanks to the optional VS accessories
• Innovative Camera Attachment System with 4V Giro and safety hook
• Unique Patent Pending construction
• Soft & Flexible padding ideal for long shooting sessions
• Made of Carbon Fiber-Look leather with Tuscany leather details.
• High-Grip Technology for great stability, safety, and comfort
• Wide adjustable length for a great versatility
• 25mm Military standard polyamide band for maximum strength and durability


The VERSIS DUO Combo Kit includes:
• 1x VERSIS SL sling strap
• 1x VS-BETA strap
• 2x GIRO attachments
• 2x 25mm safety hooks
• 1x safety hook with adjustable band and spinning attachments

The VERSIS DUO is a professional camera strap system to carry one or two cameras. It can be quickly and easily changed into a single and double strap for maximum versatility. It is very comfortable thanks to the rich padding and the High-Grip Technology.

The VS-BETA connects to the VERSIS SL strap by two carabiner hooks for fast, easy and safe connection. The VS-BETA can be connected and disconnected very quickly, making it a breeze to add the second camera or bag and spare lens only when needed.


Adjustable Length
VERSIS SL 107-155cm / 42.1-61”
VS-BETA 81-111cm / 31,8”- 43,7”
GIRO and Safety Hook Camera Attachments (allen wrenches included)
Max Load for each strap/side 10Kg
Pad size: 380x52mm
Strap width: 25mm – 1”




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The VERSIS DUO is a very strong double strap with a max load up to 10Kg for each side. The special padding distributes the camera weight very nicely and allows to comfortably carry a very wide range of camera for size and weight. This strap is the ideal companion for Medium Format, Professional and Medium DSLS’s and also for advanced mirrorless cameras, especially with long lens.


The pad design is extremely ergonomic and versatile. Thanks to the open ends it can be completely detached from the rest of the strap and repositioned for right and left use. The two D-Rings shall in fact be kept on the inside when used as a double strap. This allows to add the VS-Gamma optional accessory to turn the Versis TWIN into the Versis TRIO and carry a third camera the chest.


The VERSIS DUO is part of the 4V VERSIS Modular System. Thanks to the optional VS accessories, this unique system can evolve into different configurations to carry one, two, three cameras or other accessories, like a spare lens or carry pouch. The components can be purchased separately for future upgrades or in Combo Kits, like the VERSIS DUO, TWIN and TRIO kits. The VERSIS SYSTEM quickly adapts to any shooting needs right in location.


The VERSIS SL is a unique strap with a World’s First Patent Pending solution, exclusive to 4V Design. Each component can be easily and quickly disassembled and reassembled, making the strap extremely versatile.


The VERSIS SL strap is supplied with two camera safety hooks. One is mounted on an adjustable length short strap for extra versatility. It also features a spinning double ring attachment: this ensures additional mobility and freedom of movements. The second hook can hold extra accessories and lenses.


Both ends of the VERSIS SL straps can be opened to change configuration, remove, change and add other camera hooks for extra accessories. It is a very convenient and smart solution for future upgrades and maintenance. Patent Pending.


The VERSIS DUO Combo Kit combine the most prestigious techniques of Italian Leather manufacturing and are rich in beautiful details. All Tuscany Leather edges are carefully hand painted and beautifully stitched. Function and beauty are combined in a harmonious sleek and elegant Italian design. Some details, like the D-Ring attachment, are all together unique and surprising technical solution and yet stylish accents.


The 4V VS-BETA Kit includes the 4V Design innovative GIRO and safety hook camera attachment. This system is very unique and offers an extremely safe and strong connection to the camera. The kit also includes the 4mm Allen key required to install the GIRO attachment (it can also be installed using a coin).


One end of the VS-BETA can be opened to remove, change and add other attachments for extra accessories and lenses. This is a very unique and convenient solution for future upgrades and for increased versatility. A typical example is to insert a small lens pouch or camera bag. This 4V Design solution is Patent Pending.


The 4V GIRO Camera Attachment sets a new safety standard. The strap attachment freely rotates around the locking screw, making it impossible to accidentally drop the camera. The small foot print (25mm) minimizes the interference with memory card and battery openings. It is a very strong piece made of steel and can safely hold the heaviest professional equipment, including medium format cameras. It comes with the Allen wrench included in the packaging. Patent Pending


The VERSIS TWIN includes two new 25mm Military-Standard 4V Camera hook that combines ultimate safety, lightweight and compactness. This hook has a double safety system based on screw and spring action. The locking knob is protected by a plastic cover to facilitate the operation in cold and wet enviroments.


The VERSIS is compatible with the 4V QR Plate. This plate is a convenient and smart solution to connect the camera to both tripod and two straps. The plate is 60mm long and it is compatible to all Arca standard Tripod Quick Release Adapters. This 4V QR Plate is the perfect solution for the advanced photographers that need to use a sling or hand camera strap, a tripod and a quick release system. The plate includes two separate strap connections: one is dedicated to sling straps, the other to hand straps.


At 4V Design we are proud to continue producing our Photo accessories in Italy. All 4V Design leather accessories are completely handcrafted in Italy by small artisan laboratories to the highest standards. Our unique philosophy is to combine the Italian old-school manufacturing tradition with new technologies and materials to offer beautiful Design & Functional products to passionate people.


The 25mm bands are extremely strong and durable. They are made of Polyamide, a light-weight and extremely strong fiber. Polyamide is smooth to be gentle on the skin and cloths. It dries up easily and quickly. It is also dirt resistant and it is not affected by any chemicals or sweat. It is resistant to sunlight, excellent color fastness and abrasion resistance. These properties are ideal for a camera strap to guarantee a great comfort and long lasting performance.


At 4V Design we have developed a unique carbon Look Leather. It is made of real leather with a special surface treatment that perfectly matches both the Look, and the typical Warm Touch & Feel of the real carbon fiber. The result is a surprising tactile experience combined to a great looking luxury camera strap. This leather is non-reflective and splash resistant, becoming well suited for outdoor and sport photography.


The padding features an alternative version of the well-known and renowned “Ultra-Grip” technology. The new 4V “High-Grip” offers an intermediate level of grip compared to the “Ultra-Grip” version. The non-slip treatment now covers around one third of the surface. This allows for a good balance of grip and natural feeling. The final result is a beautiful texturizes microfiber, very elegant and yet technical, a perfect match to the unique 4V Design style.


The inner padding material is the secret behind the unparalleled comfort of the 4V Design straps. It is a combination of two high performance foams to create a unique mix of comfort and durability. The yellow foam is a memory foam used on professional running shoes. It offers a great comfort and exceptional adaptability. The anthracite foam guarantees stability and structure for increased durability. It is normally used on motorbike leather suits and outdoor booths.


The padding features a unique thick rounded shape that, guarantees an unsurpassed comfort. Thanks to this exclusive design, it is the padding that comes in contact with the neck skin, while the pressure coming from the leather edges is minimized. This design guarantees a perfect weight distribution and avoids areas of local pressure that may cause redness and irritation.


The accessories and metal fittings we use for our straps are all made in Italy. Their cost is much higher compared to low-cost countries import, but we trust our customers would appreciate the value of this choice. Made in Italy accessories offer a higher quality, durability and strength. We are also 100% sure they are manufactures following EU antipollution and safety standards. All our accessories are Nickel-Free to avoid any allergic reaction.


Many kinds of Italian Leather are available and shipped Worldwide. Italians well know that Leather is like Wine: we keep the best and export the rest. 4V Design Bags and Straps are made with the Very Best Original Tuscany Leather. The perfume of this leather is just magic and inimitable. Our Leather is Vegetable Tanned with no chemicals, by tradition.


The VERSIS SL strap can be configured in two length modes: short and long. When using the VERSIS SL as a single sling strap the long mode shall be used. The short length mode is recommended when using the VERSIS as a DOUBLE strap. The VERSIS TWIN KIT is pre-set in short mode by the factory. The length modes are configured by inserting the camera hook attachment assembly from the front or the rear of the strap.


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