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Treviso - Italy

4V Design is based in Treviso, a "courteous city" close to Venice, filled of a calm and peaceful atmosphere that induced 18th-Century Venetian aristocrats to choose the Treviso area as their ideal vacation spot.
The Province of Treviso, still called by its Medieval name “Marca,” is marked by the waters of three rivers, charming fluvial landscapes that intermingle with pretty hills and thriving fields that are dotted with elegant and stately homes.
Treviso is wine country, defined by long stretches of vineyards and highly-prized wineries. The landscape of the eastern area is characterized by large woods, water courses, vineyards and, without a doubt, a fascinating history.
Treviso is not only famous for wine, landscapes and relaxing atmosphere. It is also home of the most prestigious sport-goods and shoes district in Italy and Europe. This makes it the ideal area to source advanced technologies, the best leather and highly skilled craftsmanship.
4V Design product development philosophy is inspired by the unique combination of art, history, tradition, high-tech and internship deeply rooted in Treviso.

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