The VS-X adapter is part of the VERSIS SYSTEM ACCESSORIES . The function of the VS-X is to join two VERSIS SL sling straps together to create a double camera strap. When to VERSIS SL traps are combined together with the VS-X, the resulting system is called VERSIS TWIN, a professional large double strap designed to carry a wide range of cameras, from advanced mirrorless to medium format cameras. The VERSIS TWIN can also evolve into the VERSIS TRIO, when fitted with the VS-GAMMA Kit, that allows to carry a third camera on the chest.

The VERSIS TWIN and TRIO can be purchased as a kit with all the components already included, or it can be built over time, by purchasing two VERSIS SL straps and the VS-X adapter and VS-GAMMA kit separately.

The possibility of purchasing the parts separately, and building your own system over time, it is very convenient and offers more choices to the photographer. The VS-X is beautifully made with two layers of Tuscany leather stitched together to ensure a strong and durable construction. The connections to the VERSIS SL are controlled by two strong 25mm roller buckles for extra safety and durability.

• Designed to join two VERSIS SL straps together and generate a professional double camera strap
• Made of two layers of leather stitched together for maximum strength and durability
• Handcrafted in Italy with Tuscany vegetable tanned cuoio
• Two 25mm roller buckles ensures a strong and reliable connection with the VERSIS SL straps


The VS-X adapter allows to join two VERSIS SL straps together and turn them into a double camera strap: the VERSIS TWIN The VS-X can also be purchased as a separate accessory to upgrade a VERSIS SL strap previously purchased. The VS-X is included in the VERSIS TWIN & TRIO Kits.

The VERSIS TWIN is a professional camera strap system to carry two cameras. It is the most comfortable and stable double camera strap in the market thanks to the rich padding and High-Grip Technology.

The assembly and disassembly of the VERSIS TWIN is very simple and intuitive. The connections are controlled by strong roller buckles and double-layer leather terminals. This ensures a very stable and strong connection.


Total Length (of each arm) 13cm – 5,1”
Assembly length 10cm – 3,9”
Strap Width 25mm – 1“




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The VS-GAMMA is part of the 4V VERSIS SYSTEM. By combining different VS accessories to the VERSIS SL sling strap, the system evolves into the VERSIS DUO, TWIN and TRIO. The VERSIS System quickly adapts to the photographer's needs to carry one, two or three cameras and additional accessories. It allows weight saving when travelling and in location.


Many kinds of Italian Leather are available and shipped Worldwide. Italians well know that Leather is like Wine: we keep the best and export the rest. 4V Design Bags and Straps are made with the Very Best Original Tuscany Leather. The perfume of this leather is just magic and inimitable. Our Leather is Vegetable Tanned with no chemicals, by tradition.


At 4V Design we are proud to continue producing our Photo accessories in Italy. All 4V Design leather accessories are completely handcrafted in Italy by small artisan laboratories to the highest standards. Our unique philosophy is to combine the Italian old-school manufacturing tradition with new technologies and materials to offer beautiful Design & Functional products to passionate people.


The accessories and metal fittings we use for our straps are all made in Italy. Their cost is much higher compared to low-cost countries import, but we trust our customers would appreciate the value of this choice. Made in Italy accessories offer a higher quality, durability and strength. We are also 100% sure they are manufactures following EU antipollution and safety standards. All our accessories are Nickel-Free to avoid any allergic reaction.


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