The 4V Design GIRO is an innovative Camera Attachment designed for Camera Sling Straps. It is included in the 4V Sling Straps and it can also be purchased as a separate accessory. The reasons to purchase a separate GIRO are basically two. The first is to use it on a second camera body or lens to be used on a 4V Sling Strap for a quick change of equipment. The second reason is to use it on a third party sling strap and upgrade it to an higher level of safety and functionality.
Thanks to its innovative Patent Pending Design, the GIRO completely solves the safety issues of other sling straps camera attachments. It is basically divided into to two parts. One part is solidly screwed into the camera tripod attachment, the other part, connected to the camera strap, spins freely and independently from the locking screw and the camera. The locking screw is strongly locked into the camera by means of a coin or a 4mm Allen key (included). The GIRO offers the same safety and locking feature of a standard QR tripod plate. Thanks to the innovative spinning function the GIRO attachment is very safe and cannot be accidentally unscrewed while using the sling strap. The compact and beautiful design is ideal for Mirrorless cameras. The GIRO design is Patent Pending

• Innovative Spinning Attachment for a very safe operation
• Stainless Steel Washer to protect camera
• Stainless Steel locking screw
• 25mm wide base, 15mm tall
• Stainless Steel Hook attachment
• Can be tightened by means of a coin or 4mm Allen key (Allen Key included)


ULTRA-SAFE SPINNING ATTACHMENT The 4V GIRO Camera Attachment is safe, compact and strong like no other attachment in the market. Thanks to the unique design, I can freely spin on the camera without any danger of disconnection. The 1/4 “ fixing screw is safely tightened in position and it cannot come accidentally undone. The 4V GIRO is the safest sling straps camera attachments in the market. Patent Pending

2-IN-1 LOCKING SCREW The GIRO can be locked by means of a standard 1/4 screw. The GIRO is mounted on the camera tripod attachment and it can be fixed using two tool options:
1 – a standard 4mm L shaped Allen Key (included)
2 – a coin or large flat screw driver
For optimal performance and safety we recommend to use the

4V GIRO KIT The Giro kit consists of 3 pieces:
1 – Giro
2 – Stainless Steel Washer
3 – 4mm Allen Key


Max Load 10kg
Base diameter 26mm
Height 15mm
Weight 35gr
Attachment Screw Thread standard 1/4 - 5mm length
2-in-1 Attachment Screw Dual Inserts: 4mm Allen Key & Coin Cut
4mm Allen Key included




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The GIRO features a rounded profile screw head. This rounded profile makes the GIRO very comfortable to handle when installed on the camera. It is also safe in the regards of the surfaces on which the camera may be in contact with, like tables, carry bags, seats etc.


With a max base diameter of 2,6mm and a max high of 15mm, the GIRO is extremely compact, and yet offers a very stable connection to the camera. The small base diameter allows to install it on basically any camera, even the smaller mirrorless bodies. In the vast majority of the cameras, the openings for batteries and memory cards are clear and can be normally accessed without the need of removing the GIRO.


The GIRO is made with the best materials for durability and strength. The locking screw washer and D ring are made of stainless steel. The main body is treated with a special galvanic coating that ensures a durable and strong protection. The 4V logo is laser engraved.


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