LUCA is a beautiful leather bag, handmade in Florence, Italy, with the best Tuscany leather. Luca is a unique combination of the best traditional Italian craftsmanship with advanced technical solution, high-tech materials and functional design. Each single detail of this bag has been extensive tested until the final ideal design has been achieved. Luca Bag is surprisingly lightweight, soft and comfortable to carry with a very attractive look. The first key point is the perfect size. The different size compared to other camera leather bags makes it visually more compact and practical to carry, and allows for a more efficient loading capacity. Luca Bag comes with a well-designed removable camera insert with four dividers and 4 extra pockets for accessories. This bag is perfect for professional DSLR and Medium Format equipment. It carries a complete large DSLR kit and up to 4 lenses, or two DSLR kits and 2 lenses. It also a very convenient solution for photographers that carry both DSLR and Mirrorless system at the same time. A multiple pockets system on the sides, front and on the inside offers a lot of extra space also for personal belongings. The large organizer at the front is absolutely unique and extremely convenient to store any sort of accessory and personal belongings. A padded inner pocket for tablet/12-inch laptop is also available. An other key point is that all pockets are sealed by anti-scratch spiral YKK zippers: this is extremely important for a camera bag. Thanks to the removable photo insert and plenty of extra room for everyday personal belongings, Luca is a luxury bag not only for photography, but also for everyday use, business and commuting. The perfect choice for both professional photographers and for professionals with the hobby of photography. At the rear a convenient trolley attachment makes it a perfect travelling bag. Luca has an other key advantage over other camera leather bags: Lightweight, thanks to the exclusive 4V “Superleggera” construction. The bottom is very strong, designed to last especially when used with heavy equipment. It is protected by 9 metal feet, 8mm high, to ensure a long lasting performance also on wet surfaces. The carry strap with large “Ultra-Grip” padding, ensures a greater level of comfort and safety.

• Includes removable padded camera insert with 4 pocket system
• Trolley attachment at the rear
• Handcrafted in Florence-Italy
• Made of Vegetable Tanned Full Grain Tuscany Leather
• Pockets are sealed by anti-scratch YKK zippers
• Large organizer with pockets at the front
• Soft strap pad with “Ultra-Grip” Technology for extra safety and comfort
• “Superleggera” Lightweight construction
• Strong bottom protected by 9 metal feet


The 4V LUCA bag comes with a high quality padded and removable photo insert. Thanks to this solution, not very common for leather bags, LUCA becomes a beautiful versatile bag, that can be enjoyed everyday, for leisure, business and for commuting, not only for photography. It a the perfect luxury carry solution for both professional photographers and professionals with the hobby of photography.

4V Camera Bags are designed to last. The bottom of this bag is very special. It is reinforced to remain flat under load and protected against abrasion by metal feet. The 9 metal feet are 8mm high and keep the bottom of the bag clear from the floor. This is a great solution not only for aggressive surfaces, such as stones and asphalt, especially in wet conditions.

The LUCA bag is deeper and narrower than the usual camera leather bags. This different ratio offers two advantages: a more compact bag and a more efficient storage of the photographic equipment. The sleek and elegant Italian design makes this bag beautifully unique.


exterior cm 36Lx28Hx23D – 14,1"L X 11"H X 9"D
interior cm 33Lx26Hx14,5D – 13"L X 10,2"H X 5,7"D
weight 1,6 Kg – 3,5 lbs

Removable insert
exterior cm 33Lx22Hx14,5D – 13"L X 8,6"H X 5,7"D
interior cm 31Lx21Hx13D – 12,2"L X 8,2"H X 5,1"D
weight 0,34 Kg – 0,75 lbs






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SUPERLEGGERA is a concept deeply rooted in the Italian tradition of Design. Besides Lightweight, it also stands for performance, innovation, and advanced technical solutions. We developed a unique bag construction: a high-quality close-cells foam is laminated to the inside of the bag leather panels. The close cells foam minimizes water absorption, guarantees a stronger and more durable structure. Thanks to this unique concept, 4V Design leather bags are lighter and stronger.


The LUCA is perfect for DSLR & Medium Format professional equipment. The removable insert 13cm deep fits a large DSLR kit and two zoom lenses or large primes. The bag inner height of 22cm is perfect to fit large professional zooms. The versatile inner dividers, the extra pockets in the bag and around the removable insert, make it possible to efficiently store any sort of accessory. The inner padded compartment is designed around the 12-inch MacBook.


The LUCA bag offers a unique large full size organizer. It is a very practical and useful storage solution for any sort of photo accessory and personal belongings. The organizer is sealed by a anti-scratch spiral YKK zipper. When opened, the two sides are protected by gussets for extra safety and stability. The organizer include two large pockets and a pen holder.


The LUCA offers a very convenient trolley attachment at the back. This solution is very practical for the professional photographers on the move, and for travelers in general. The trolley attachment is very robust, made of thick leather and with reinforced stitching. The max width is 22cm for trolley handles up to 17-19cm wide, depending on the handle thickness.


Two inner pockets are available. One pocket is sealed by a YKK spiral anti-scratch zipper. It is very useful to protect valuable items, documents and small objects. The second is a padded compartment, 29,5mm wide, ideal for 12-INCH laptop and tablets. This compartment is kept closed by a Velcro pad in order to avoid any possible scratch on the equipment. The inner bag compartment, without the removable photo insert, is very spacious and perfect for everyday use and commuting.


On the front of the LUCA bag are placed two large cargo pockets. These pockets are 24,5cm wide and 20,5cm deep. The pockets are sealed by anti-scratch coil YKK zippers to safely store any kind of accessory and valuable items, such as wallet, keys or memory cards holder.


4V Luca Camera Bag comes with a removable padded camera insert. It includes four dividers that can be freely repositioned to suit any equipment storage requirement. When the Padded Camera Insert is removed, the Leather Bag can be used as a beautiful top quality everyday bag for leisure, commuting or business. Put the insert back in and you are ready to go out & shoot.


The insert is provided with to large expandable pockets at the front and two smaller pockets at the sides. These pockets are ideal to store cables, lens caps, SD card holders, cleaning tools and other accessories. Two convenient loops ease the removal operation and allow to connect other accessories for extra safety.


The camera insert is made in Italy with top quality materials and it offers a very high e Level of protection tanks to a special combination of three high-performance foams. A stronger foam on the outside ensures a higher level of stability and protection against shocks. The intermediate density foam layer in the middle ensures an even distribution of the pressure, the third layer of soft foam ensure the safest support to our precious equipment.


On both sides of LUCA bag there are two nice pockets, 12,5cm wide and 17cm deep, ideal to store mobile phone, card holders, lens caps, batteries, filters, travel tickets, city maps and any other photo or travel essential. These side pockets are conveniently padded to offer maximum protection to precious equipment.


Inside the bag a small loop allows to securely attach memory card holder, keyrings, wallets and other precious belonging. The connected accessory can be stored in one of the two inner pockets avaialable.


Each zipper comes with a beautiful leather zip puller. The pullers are made of two thick leather layers connected by a nice brass rivet. The large size, thickness and material offers a great grip in any conditions, even when wearing gloves. The pullers edges are hand painted for an extra quality touch.


LUCA messenger bag comes with a convenient carry handle on the top. This handle is designed to carry heavy loads safely and comfortably. The round profile is achieved thanks to a rubber round and thick insert that makes the handle very gentle on the hand palm. It is attached to the bag main structure by reinforced stitching to ensure a long lasting and durable performance.


The bag features a hybrid locking system with both magnets and spring lock. When using the carry handle the spring locks must be used. But when carrying the bag with the shoulder strap, the magnets are very useful to hold the bag flap closed. This solution is very useful for a fast access to the equipment during shooting and when walking, while keeping the bag protected.


The two cargo pockets at the front are around 2cm-1/2” higher than the bag floor and almost 3cm away from the floor. This design solution is very useful to prevent the pockets from scratching on aggressive surfaces and to keep the inner objects away from the wet surfaces.


The LUCA is designed to offer a great accessibility to the camera equipment. The main compartment, when opened, offers a very comfortable access to the equipment. The cyan lining is of top quality and made in Italy. It is very durable and guarantees a long lasting performance for the removable velcro attached dividers. The bright color makes it easer to identify the black camera gear even in low light conditions.


A great attention and deep study has been dedicated to the carry strap attachments. The attachments are very strong and reinforced by two large custom rivets. The robust 40mm D rings ensure a self adjusting position of the strap carabiners. The attachments on the bag are angled to ensure an optimal weight distribution when the bag is carried across the chest. This smart solution guarantees a higher level comfort, durability and ease of use.


The camera strap can be opened on one end by means of a beautiful roller buckle. This unique technical solution is very smart and convenient. It allows to insert additional accessories, as lens pouches, memory card or lens cap holders. It also allows to remove or substitute the shoulder pad. This 4V solution is Patent Pending.


The shoulder pad is a key element on a Camera Bag for both comfort and safety. All 4V Camera Bags feature a large shoulder pad with a rich padding and our exclusive Ultra-Grip Technology, the same used on our Camera Strap Collection. This technology, water proof and washable, guarantees an exceptional grip on any surface and under any condition.


The shoulder strap length is adjustable and covers the most popular length range. It perfectly fits different situations of height and clothing. The bags can be carried both on one shoulder and across the chest. The strap ranges from min 104cm -41”to max 136cm-53,5”


The strap pad features an unique ergonomic design. The symmetrical cut makes it perfectly suitable for left and right use. It offers the best benefits when changing carrying position from one shoulder to across the chest. The two central half-moon cuts at the edge allow the pads to perfectly sit on both right and left shoulder and at the same time keep the neck clear for extra comfort.


The accessories and metal fittings we use are all made in Italy. Their cost is much higher compared to low-cost countries import, but we trust our customers would appreciate the value of this choice. Made in Italy accessories offer a higher quality, durability and strength. We are also 100% sure they are manufactures following EU antipollution and safety standards. All our accessories are Nickel-Free to avoid any allergic reaction.


Many kinds of Italian Leather are available and shipped Worldwide. Italians well know that Leather is like Wine: we keep the best and export the rest. 4V Design Bags and Straps are made with the Very Best Original Tuscany Leather. The perfume of this leather is just magic and inimitable. Our Leather is Vegetable Tanned with no chemicals, by tradition.


At 4V Design we are proud to continue producing our Photo accessories in Italy. All 4V Design leather accessories are completely handcrafted in Italyt o the highest standards by small artisan laboratories. Our unique philosophy is to combine the Italian old-school manufacturing tradition with new technologies and materials to offer beautiful Design & Functional products to passionate people.


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